Bitcoin Core Wallet

Bitcoin Core Wallet
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Type:Windows linux apple Ubuntu ARM
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Pros Bitcoin Core Wallet

  • Full user control over crypto funds.
  • As a full node that validates transactions and relays them on the Bitcoin network, the wallet does not require third parties for transaction verification. Rather, you can verify your own transactions.
  • Open source wallet with a deterministic design offers full transparency.
  • Enhanced privacy thanks to the use of rotating addresses and the option to use Tor as a proxy to protect anonymity.
  • Full control over fees by virtue of fee suggestions.


  • Has limited features.
  • Initial download takes a lot of time and data.
  • Takes up a lot of space since it is a full Bitcoin client (over 140GB).
  • Requires a download capacity of 500MB per day or 15GB per month and an upload speed of 5GB per day to run Bitcoin Core.
  • Users who have bandwidth restrictions from their internet service provider could face problems in running the client.
  • Since the blockchain has known viruses, computer antivirus software might detect them and cause problems in running Bitcoin Core.
  • Not easy to use, especially for beginners and non-techies.
  • At present, Bitcoin Core wallet can only run on a laptop, desktop or ARM devices.

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