FaucetHub can not continue to operate as a micro wallet going forward.

“FaucetHub will undergo a rebrand to a new name, and will have a new core focus: providing Offerwall services to users and businesses.

Starting 11.09.19., FaucetHub will begin the transitional phase into the launch of this new platform. We have decided that the only currency we will continue to support is Bitcoin, resulting in the discontinuation of Altcoins on the new platform. For this reason, we require users to withdraw in full their Altcoin balances before the end of this transitional phase. The transitional phase runs from November 9th 2019 until December 10th 2019. After this date, it will no longer be possible to process Altcoin withdraws.”

We do NOT endorse any micro wallet or favor any. We are just going to give you alternatives to
If you get scammed, or anything within this context, the responsibility will be yours, 100%.
Please keep that in mind.

At the moment, there are options for withdrawing cryptocurrency from faucets:
a) Micropayment wallet
b) Accumulative faucets, with a payment to a direct wallet.
On the website we update the faucets!

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